What Level of Missionary Are You? – part 6

What Level Of Missionary Are You

You hear the words “missions,” and “missionary,” everywhere nowadays. It’s getting to the point that people refer to almost every type of evangelism or social work as mission. Jesus is clear when he commissions us to make disciples of all ethnos. In order to make disciples in all the ethnic groups, they must have someone … Read more

What is Extreme Pioneer Missionary Work? – part 7

The Difference Between A Pioneer And An Extreme Missionary

There are basically no differences between a pioneer missionary and an extreme missionary. A pioneer missionary is someone who takes the Gospel of Jesus Christ for the first time to people groups that do not have access to the Gospel. They don’t have access because a high barrier of understanding or acceptance exists. The barrier … Read more

Effective Prayer for Missionaries – part 9

003 Gnpi 089 Prayer Garden

Before you ever go to the mission field, you are going to need the things mentioned In the previous articles. Perseverance, faith, denying yourself, real joy. However, all of these things come into play when we start to talk about what is effective prayer. After Jesus said this, he looked toward heaven and prayed.. (NIV … Read more