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To help missionary candidates, organizations and field missionaries understand and put into practice Biblical missionary models.


The content on this site is original writing by David Markham.

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Welcome to Today’s Missionary. I am very blessed to share these things with you. I pray you will get out into the ethnic peoples who have never heard about Jesus before. God bless!

I have been on the mission field for over twenty-five years. I graduated cum laude with a degree in theology and missions and have pastored two churches. My wife and I have a missionary training program where we train Bible translating missionaries to go into unreached people groups. I am also a member of the missionary cooperation in Latin America COMIBAM and work in the Etnopedia community doing research of unreached people groups.

David Markham


Levi DeCarvalho, Ph.D. ~ Director of research for the missionary cooperation of Ibero-America, COMIBAM. Former missionary to a remote unreached people group in the Amazon Jungle says this about the teaching on this website:

“This book (Missiology of Christ section) is not for the fainthearted. Mission involves dying daily— to ourselves, to our petty interests, to the pleasures and comforts of this world. Jesus Himself set this requirement (Lk 9:23), and, this being the case, we cannot negotiate the matter. He is the Lord of the mission and we cannot do it our way. It must be done His way. Jesus’ own mission required that He sacrifice everything in order to bring about His Father’s plan to save the world. People often quote (Romans 12:1) without giving a serious thought to what it means to present ourselves as a living sacrifice to the Lord. Sacrifice means death. It is painful, unpleasant and challenging, and if not, then it is not sacrifice. Many of us would go the easy way if we could guarantee that it is acceptable to the Lord but it isn’t. Those of us who have entered into a covenant with Jesus must do so with the realization that this entails that we die daily in order to obey what He has commanded us to do. Jesus could not require less from His followers. His death produced our redemption; our dying produces fruit for Him among the nations. We do not save anyone — He does. Yet if we do not die, we cannot bear any fruit (John 12:24). Many Christians do not understand what it requires to follow the Lord as He leads us to the ethne of the world. He promised to be with us — provided we do what He bids us to do. He cannot bless those He has not sent. He cannot bless those that betray Him in their daily walk. Either we conform ourselves to Him or we will never become like Him (Romans 8:29). “To be conformed to the image of His Son” implies that we will imitate Him in His sacrificial lifestyle. We cannot preach about the cross unless we live it. The nations will not be attracted to a selfish missionary — if such a being exists. We can preach Jesus but if we do not live Him, we are not His workers whom He has sent unto His harvest field. This book will not leave you untouched. Either you will love it or hate it. I hope you will come to love it. I have.”

Levi DeCarvalho, Ph.D

Jonathan Lewis, Ph.D. ~ Author of World Mission (Mision Mundial Vol. [1.], [2.], [3.] says this about the teaching in the (Missiology of Christ section) section of this website:

“A provocative, well-aimed critique of current missions’ practices that merits the attention of missions’ administrators and missionaries alike. Such reflection can only lead to improving our effectiveness.”

Jonathan Lewis, Ph.D.

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  • God the Father of the Holy Bible is the one and only true God and Creator of the Universe.
  • Jesus Christ, His Son is The Messiah.
  • The Holy Spirit is the third person of the Holy Trinity and is here to help us.
  • The Holy Bible is the inspired word of God to humanity.
  • The Body of Christ is to be involved in His great commission.

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