Become a missionary! Get Biblical teaching on the missiology of Christ to go to remote unreached people groups doing extreme pioneer missionary work.

There are thousands of totally unreached people groups still in need of workers. Start here getting the most important part of your missionary training reading and understanding the Bible. The teaching of Jesus is our handbook for becoming a missionary where the Gospel has not been taken before. Here are a few definitions, the first one is of pioneer missionary work:

Pioneer missionary work is done by any Christian man or woman who makes disciples of Jesus Christ among any group of people where the message of the Gospel cannot flow without encountering a high barrier of resistance, such as language, or extreme geography, They are the first to arrive.

The definition of extreme missionary work:

Extreme missionary work is done by any Christian man or woman who will do whatever it takes to make disciples of Jesus Christ among remote unreached people groups, such as going into dangerous situations, with or without money, with no intention of returning, and even if it means paying the price with their life.

The world needs you to do both! Read this article then start step 1. below “the Bible reading plan

1. How to become a missionary

The first step is to do a deep dive study into the Gospels: Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John in the New Testament. This is where Jesus teaches us how to be missionaries.

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2. Understand Christ’s leadership model

Read this 25 part series on Christian Leadership for Missions to better understand Christ’s model for taking the Gospel to the ends of the earth. Follow the Bible reading plan with this series. This should be studied before the missiology of Christ.

3. Understand Christ’s Missiology

Read this series to better understand Christ’s models for cross-cultural mission work, especially when going to totally unreached people groups. Follow the Bible reading plan with this series.

4. Understand the basics of Christian missions

This section teaches some basics about missions. What is a missionary? What is an unreached people group? How to follow Christ’s teaching to be a disciple who fulfills the great comission.

5. Some missions mobilization strategies

This section is about how to get other young people involved in Christian missions.

6. Missionary discipleship

Simple teaching to make disciples anywhere in the world.

7. Research on unreached people groups

How to do field research so that you know where to go. This section will iInclude information from the main research efforts on unreached people groups.

Field Research for Missions

8. Choose your people group

Visit Etnopedia to read about totally unreached Bibleless peoples and choose one to go to.