What is Extreme Pioneer Missionary Work? – part 7

There are basically no differences between a pioneer missionary and an extreme missionary. A pioneer missionary is someone who takes the Gospel of Jesus Christ for the first time to people groups that do not have access to the Gospel. They don’t have access because a high barrier of understanding or acceptance exists. The barrier of understanding is the language barrier. The barrier of acceptance can exist from many factors including ethnicity, tribal disputes, extreme geography, or resistance to missionary activity because of their religious or political views. Or it simply could be that they just don’t want anyone among them from the outside world.

The definition of an extreme missionary is a man or a woman willing to take the Gospel of Jesus Christ into the above-mentioned people group which can be a very dangerous or difficult situation. They also must be willing to go with or without finances, willing to never return, and with the willingness to pay the price with their life if necessary. These aspects are covered in the section on the Missiology of Christ.

Totally unreached people groups that are remote from modern communications, medical facilities, good roads, schools, and other modern conveniences are the last frontier of missionary work. You can call the missionaries to these groups whatever you like. It’s going to be an extreme pioneer missionary effort and require some real New Testament attitudes.

It’s going to take people who are both a pioneer missionary and an extreme missionary to reach these last unreached peoples in remote and difficult places.

So basically if you are a pioneer missionary it means you’re starting something new in a place where no one’s ever been before. The definition of pioneer “pi·o·neer – a person who is among the first to explore or settle a new country or area.” Mission work is still lacking where missionaries have never been before and so this will obviously be an extreme situation.

Jesus told us that this work would be dangerous. He told us over and over again that we would need to be willing to pay the price with our lives. And he told the disciples that if they persecuted him they were going to persecute the disciples as well. (John 15:20) When he mentions persecution he’s talking about their deaths. And the evidence we have is that almost all of the disciples paid the price with their lives for extending the Gospel.

Extreme pioneer missionary work is just work that just has not been done yet. It is work of the body of Jesus Christ has not been done primarily due to its extreme nature. So every day that passes it will only become harder to do. On top of all these difficulties, many groups are in extreme geographical locations where it is difficult to communicate to the outside world.

Many missionary sending entities and agencies are not in the position to allow their missionaries to be out of communication. Most of the missionary training, you can get today hasn’t considered these factors yet. And so the training you’re getting will take you so far and stop at the edge of the ability to communicate back to them. Many missionary agencies are not willing to put their missionaries in harm’s way. This is contradictory to the teaching of Christ.

So what do we do about this? We are going to have to become extreme pioneer missionaries for lack of better terms. I’m not really a fan of the word missionary, but I will use them so you get an idea of what you are in for. They are used for teaching purposes. We are all just Christians who need to do our job and make disciples in the whole world. It is just going to be hard. There is no way around it.

You will learn in the section on the Biblical basis for missions the word “kosmos” (Mark 16:15) which is the word “world” meaning the entire inhabited world. If we are actually to obey the command of Jesus Christ to make disciples in the entire inhabited world, we need to get out into the extreme geographical resistant areas in order to fulfill the great commission.

Extreme pioneer missionary work is nothing new

Throughout the history of missionary work, we know that the first church was highly persecuted but still spread the Gospel as far as they could. The New Testament is full of these examples where we see extreme resistance to the Gospel. Also, travel was dangerous.

We also see historically that Pioneer missionary work was extreme as it took many months to arrive at your mission field. The technology did not exist to get there rapidly and there were no communications and other modern conveniences we have today. So communicating back home or even going back home every so often was is not an option for them. But they did the job despite the difficulties. They were extreme pioneer missionaries. It was what it was. And still today it is what it is. It is still extreme pioneer missionary work. Someone is going to have to decide to just do it.

So if you are on this website and you’re reading these things you need to understand that the entire bulk of content on this website is for this kind of missionary work. It goes beyond the reach of modern missionary sending entities and agencies. It’s not necessarily that the modern missionary entities and agencies are a bad thing, they just can’t get you or will not get you to the peoples and places that need the Gospel. Who will go?

Extreme Pioneer missionaries are language learners

Not only do these people live in extreme situations but their languages are very difficult to learn. The easy languages have been learned and have had Bibles translated into them. Easier languages were developed over the years to communicate across a wider population of people and bring them into a more modern civilization. So the remote mountain peoples, the hill tribes, and tribes that live deep in the jungles will just naturally speak a language that is more difficult to learn. Extreme pioneer missionary work is just going to take more time. It will require you to spend at least 5 to 7 years just learning their language to the extent to be able to communicate with them and disciple them. We want to believe that these smaller people groups are migrating to bigger cities, some may be, but to find them and identify them in a busy city context will be very difficult. They will not have time for discipleship. Many remote tribes are not migrating and need workers.

Special training for missionaries is important in this area because you need to be able to learn the language quickly. You can go without it, you’ll just take a lot longer than the courses take to learn without the skills. With the special training, you can learn a difficult language between five and seven years. Some languages will take a little longer and some may take less time. This also depends on your ability to be able to learn the language. But a language learning gift is not a prerequisite to be of an extreme pioneer missionary. Nor is a master’s degree in linguistics needed. By the time you get a master’s degree, you could have learned the language and adapted to the culture. Some people graduate high school with straight A’s and some people graduate high school with C’s. They both graduate high school. So you as a missionary can get the job done even if your language learning ability is as good as others. You can do it.

A deep dive into your Gospels is the best training you can get

The most important part about your extreme pioneer missionary training is your knowledge of the Gospels. There are special sections of this website that teach you how to deep dive into the Gospels in order to get this training which is more important than anything else. Basically, it requires knowing Jesus Christ, knowing what he wants us to do, and knowing exactly how he wants us to do His mission work.

Jesus’s missiology is perfect. If we follow his instructions explicitly, we will get the job done efficiently and quickly. The speedy efficient extension of the Gospel around the world is the highest priority. So we better take Jesus at his words and just follow his words to the letter in order to get the job done as quickly and efficiently as possible.

How old do I need to be to start missionary training?

The younger you can start the better. If you are a young person, start your deep dive into the Gospels and get Jesus in you. He is already in you, but you now need to know what he wants. Use the Bible Reading Plan on this site.

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