Missionaries Need to Be the Feet of God – part 2

Missionaries Need To Be The Feet Of God

400 Field Researching Missionaries in the totally unreached people groupings (clusters, pockets, dark patches, call them what you will) I have been a part of the mission information community for several years. One thing keeps coming up during our meetings, conferences, etc. “We need more research from the field.” It is important to know that … Read more

Creating a field research plan – part 4

Creating A Field Research Plan

In order to form a people group list for field research, we need to understand that the ultimate goal is to reach people. People are behind barriers that the Gospel message has to get over in order to reach them. Many terms have been used to describe these barriers but one thing is clear. Until … Read more

Dating your field research – part 5

Dating Your Field Research

So your task is to get a people grouping list together before you go into the field. You should look at the sources out there taking some things into consideration. There are not many sources of people group information on the internet that have relevant information to missionary sending and placement. Of the five sources … Read more

Preparing to be led by God – part 7

Preparing To Be Led By God

When I teach missionary candidates about this subject, I use the illustration of a dog being pulled on a leash against his will. This is the picture of how it’s going to be for you in your first couple of years on the mission field. You can reduce this time if you can get prepared … Read more