Missionary Discipleship Principles – part 2

So I am a new Christian. Now, what do I do?

This year I am 40 years as a Christian. I have written many books, manuals, and articles on Christianity and missions. I wrote a manual on evangelism and discipleship and here now I am rewriting and changing many things I have taught and done.

If you are a brand new believer, read your Bible, get fellowship with other believers and get back out on the streets and share your faith. What does that mean? Tell people that Jesus Christ is real and look for a positive response.

Some people will reject you. This is like anything else. If you sell something door to door, some people will shut the door in your face. A few will listen. It is the same way when sharing your new life in Christ. Many won’t want to hear about it. Move on to the next person until you find someone who believes what you are saying. Then, read your Bible with them. Use the Bible Reading Plan you find here. Don’t pretend to know all the answers, let the Bible do its job.

The main problem is that making a disciple will take time

If you find someone who becomes a new believer, they are a newborn baby. They cannot feed themselves. You will have to feed them. If there is a Bible translated into their language, get one for them. But you will have to go to their house every day and read it to them.

Newborn believers will not read the Bible on their own

You will have to spend time reading the Bible with them every day. An hour is probably not enough for a newborn Christian. Babies need lots of pure spiritual milk. They also will feel fine at your house or with a group of other believers, but when they go home to their room, they are back in a place that is full of darkness and sin. You need to get into their room to shine the light and run out the darkness.

  1. Spend time with your disciple reading to them
  2. Spend time in their environment – in their room if possible
  3. Once your disciple is reading in his or her room alone, they need to look for a disciple

You are a believer, in Christ who was crucified and raised and you are in Him. Find someone who also wants to be in Him and start to read. It does not matter how old you are in real life or how old you are in Christ. Look for a disciple and begin to read the Gospels with them.

I could write for two hours on this and it will only complicate things. Just go, and make a discilpe!